Team TotalSource Solutions Inc. (TSSI) is made up of an impressive group of successful professionals, inventors, entrepreneurs, and vendors/suppliers with a proven industry record. The team brings years of combined experience in systems engineering, technology & software development, security & security framework development, and program management.  Additionally our select vendors/suppliers are industry leaders in their specialty areas which includes specialized capabilities in photonics, optics, robotics, sensors, machine learning, controls, artificial intelligence, and advanced manufacturing.

Our Management Team

George B. Brown


CEO and Founder

 George B. Brown provided the vision for TotalSource Solutions Inc. (TSSI), a newly formed Science and Technology company endeavoring in innovative security solutions designs and technology integration .   

George's technical and management career began in the Marine Corps where he served in technical and leadership capacities as both enlisted and commissioned officer. He shares a US Navy patent for a concept he envisioned in US Patent 5,307,505.  After a full career of service in the Marines he established himself as a technical manager with both large and small businesses supporting DoD activities (US Navy, US Air Force, NGA) and DHS activities (TSA, OBIM, ICE, US Coast Guard). He is an accomplished leader and has received numerous awards throughout his professional career. His technical training in the military included advanced avionics, weapon systems specialist, aircraft maintenance officer, laser safety, integrated logistics, and advanced program management. His college studies include drafting technology, industrial technology, and holds a bachelor of business administration. 

Meenatchi Jagasivamani


Chief of Technology and Software Development (CTS)


Meenatchi Jagasivamani is our Chief of Technology, Director of Software Development, and member of Board of Directors. Meena brings exceptional experience  spanning more than 16 years with a robust portfolio of leading-edge high technology positions. Her portfolio includes Sr. Systems Engineer doing research engineering in VLSI (very large scale integration IC) design of power-efficient FPGA (field programmable gate array IC) utilizing 3D integrated circuit design with a DRAM memory stack. She also worked as a Semiconductor Design Engineering supervisor in the development of the first memory chip product utilizing a novel, disruptive technology (Phase-Change Memory) at the 90nm process node. Additionally, Meena simultaneously managed 2 complex software development projects supporting DHS Office of Biometric Identity Management. Meena has a pronounced reputation as an extremely talented and astutely knowledgeable technical expert. She has successfully filed 5 US Patents on circuit design innovations, she has successfully published and presented at several prestigious Industry technical conferences and was a key part of a group that won the industry level EDN magazine's "Innovator of the Year" award for 2009. Meena is also an entrepreneur and president of Digirati LLC. She holds several degrees including a M.S. in Electrical Engineering (VLSI Circuit Design Area), an MBA in Strategy & Finance, and is presently a PhD student in Electrical Engineering. We are extremely fortunate to have Meena with Team TSSI.

Shane Truffer


Chief Engineer and Director of Manufacturing (CEM)


Shane Truffer is our Chief Engineering Advisor and directs our manufacturing efforts that includes managing our selected suppliers. Shane brings more than 30 years of systems design and manufacturing experience that spans from architecting high availability enterprise networks, digital and analog electronic circuits, hardware and software, complex technology integration efforts, to authoring system documentation to include user manuals, and system use policies. Shane's unique skills is his ability to take a concept from initial design to product fabrication build and delivery, and he is a master craftsman. He possesses exceptional technical expertise and leadership abilities. Shane holds a bachelor of science in computer engineering.

Bradley K. Stegman


Marketing and Business Development Advisor


Bradley K. Stegman is our Marketing and Business Development Advisor. Brad brings a distinguished performance record and more than 30 years experience in program management, technical leadership, and a stellar record in Business Development. He has held several high level leadership positions in both large and small businesses that include Program Manager, VP of DoD programs, VP of the DHS sectors and VP of Strategic Markets. Brad is extremely focused with an absolute exceptional work ethic. He is a personal friend of TSSI CEO and founder and they have worked together for many years. His professional abilities are unmatched with amazing skills and knowledge in the full spectrum of Business Development process. This include understanding the requirements of an opportunity, accurately assessing qualifications/capabilities , understanding the competition, determining the probability of a win, designing and planning a win-win strategy, and producing an exceptionally written proposal or offer. Business development is hard work, requires a solid process of continuous coordination and situational awareness. Brad is single handedly responsible for planning and executing BD activities which resulted in the win of more than $200M of new business within 18 months and elevating a small business to mid-tier in the process.   He is a navy veteran and his education includes a MBA and several industry certifications to include  CSM, ITILv3 and PMP. Brad is also the president and founder of First Line Defense LLC and we are fortunate to have him with Team TSSI.

Edward "Ted" Udelson


Security and Information Technology Advisor


Ted Udelson is our Security and Information Technology Advisor and also serves as a member of the TSSI Board of Directors. Ted brings an extraordinary level of security knowledge with more than 40 years operational experience in Information security and disaster recovery. Beginning early in his career he held management positions from network manager, manager of Information technology, director of information technology, and senior consultant.  Ted is an accomplished security certification instructor and writer with several security instructional books and publications in American Society of Association Executives (ASAE), Techno-scope News #X/AS400, and systems magazines. He also served as president of Integrity Computing and is currently a Partner and Chief Learning Officer for Succinctive Training LLC.  Succinctive Training LLC specializes in all aspects of security certification training, associated risk management framework  (RMF) implementation, and professional skills training curriculums. Ted holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Science and maintains all of the security certifications (CISSP, Security +, Network +, A+) as well as ITILv3, PMP, MCSE, MCP and MCT.