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TSSI has 2 core product concept lines under development; the Net-centric Threat Detection System (NTDS) and the Multi-screen folding Display (MSD) laptop workstation and desktop monitor office accessory. Non-provisional patent applications for both concept designs have been filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office and pending patent decision. The NTDS concepts is the vision of the founder in a quest to address current gaps in security capabilities and provide a comprehensive approach to security solutioning . 

The NTDS concept implements three defined security zones and comprises a net-centric configuration of 4 capability areas. 

           A1. Threat Category Detection Sensors: This capability area comprises the Electronically Scanned Sensor Array (ESSA) Detection Panel (EDP) Suite consisting of  3 configurations that perform threat detection functions

          A2. Surveillance and Tracking Dispersed Sensors: This capability area includes CCTV network, 3D Optical Sensors, LiDAR, and Aerial Drone Capability (ADC).  ADC implements 3 configurations of which one is for Law Enforcement Use Only, the L-SID (proprietary "law enforcement standoff inspection drone" capability).

         A3. Data Fusion and Detection Processing: This capability area is the considered the brains of the system and includes the proprietary cognitive fusion software, threat matching and threat profile library, and the detection processor controller (DPC).

        A4. Mitigation and Containment Capabilities (MCC): The MCC consists of three distinct capability categories. 

  • The Gateway Multi Tunnel Array (MTA) which is scalable to requirements and alone provides a significant security capability (a key scalable capability is our MIQ (mantrap/vestibule inspection queue) configuration).
  • The Active Barriers which is a network of off-the-shelf actuating and non-actuating barricade systems and bollards.
  • The Robotic Suite includes 3 configurations of robotic sentries, robotic attaching  cuff (RAC), dogbite apprehension assist sentry (DBA), and robotic "bear hugg" sentry (RBS).   The DBA and RBS can be paired with ADC's aerial drones to perform threat surveillance, tracking, and  containment functions. 


 The MSD Laptop workstation (LTW) and Desktop monitors (DTM) concept introduces features that will enhance office productivity to include enhanced transitioning pagination and multiple data presentations for greater user interfacing and multi-tasking.  

   1.  LTW - Introduces 3 folding  displays for a total of 4 interacting separate displays and high performance computing features.

  2.  DTM - Introduces a standalone desktop monitor with 5 folding  displays for a total of 6 interacting separate displays  

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NTDS Video

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Product details


The NTDS Robotic Suite, Robotic Bear Hugg Sentry (RBS) provides an active threat containment and mitigation capability:

1. Introduces “Bear Hugg™” technology to pursue, apprehend, and remove threats (perpetrators, suspects) to a “Safe Area”, minimizing harm to law enforcement professionals and others. 

     2.  Dispatched via Remote or Autonomous maneuvering at speeds up to 20 MPH with a 300 lbs. payload and equipped with selected Sensors, Cameras, active Two-way communications, and threat mitigation capabilities to support Zone-2 and Zone-1 requirements. 

3.  Secure Link for live streaming situational information for decision support requirements. 

4. The Robotic Suite currently consists of four configurations:

     •  Ground (Surface) maneuverable ( concept depicted in background)

  •  Dog Bite Apprehension Assistant

     •  Aerial Surveillance & Tracking Drone Capability (ADC) 

  • Law enforcement Standoff  Inspection  Drone (L-SID)  concept is depicted in background.



6 Screen Display Desk Top Monitor

The Desktop monitor unfolds into 6 displays creating a virtual display wall to allow multi-tasking, data comparison and multiple web search and display functionality. 


4 Screen Display Laptop Workstation

 Both the MSD Laptop workstation and Desktop monitor feature unfolding and folding thin screen display technology and have applications in both office productivity, surveillance displays, and personal gaming and entertainment.  

Desktop Monitor Animation

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Laptop Animation Video

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Mantrap Vestibule Inspection Queue (MIQ)


This is prototype of MIQ housing with electrically actuated Accordion doors minus the detection panels and optional bag/backpack scanner. It is installed in clusters of 4 to 20 units to accommodate pedestrian through-put. Its durable construction consists of bullet resistant polycarbonate wall and roof panel; and provides containment for detected threats (i.e. firearms, explosives, knives). The MIQ is affixed to concrete slab with high performance fastners and  implementation includes an Egress configuration consistent with the NTDS approach to positive Ingress/Egress security control (prevent entry via the exit to circumvent inspection). Both the Ingress and Egress configurations incorporate an emergency evacuation mode in the event of fire, power failure and other bonafide emergencies.


Multiple MIQ Cluster Configurations


The MIQ configurations are flexible to accommodate traffic flow requirements.

This is an example of a MIQ 4 Cluster, and entry and exit is controlled with accordion doors that actuated automatically.

Each MIQ will be outfitted with detection array panels, conveyor scanner for backpacks and other carry-items, MIQ communications panel will also provides audio instructions during processing.

The MIQ module is support by ultra-high performance processors that render real-time threat detection decisions executed with our proprietary data fusion software application.