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Innovative Science and Technology Company

TSSI is a small Virginia Corporation focused in Public Safety Security Solutions through innovative technology integrations, robotics, and process engineering. We are currently developing two concept product designs that we hope will revolutionize their markets. 

1. The Net-Centric Threat Detection Systems (NTDS) designed as a comprehensive security solution with revolutionary threat surveillance, standoff detection, and threat mitigation & containment capabilities.  

2.  Our Multi-Screen Folding Display (MSD) Laptop Workstation (LTW) and Desktop Monitors (DTM) will introduce exciting new capabilities that will increase office productivity and enhance users ability to multi-task.    


Innovations In Action - Creating Solutions To Ensure Your Safety and Security

Our Public Safety Security Solutions (NTDS) is a system of systems that implements three defined security zones, each having specific equipment configurations that work to neck-down security threats as you approach a protected environment. Additionally, selected system components  can be configured to provide specialized security capabilities. The entire system process is engineered with our commitment and sensitivity to safety, citizens rights, and our environment.  Our highly experienced team of professionals are laser focused in developing comprehensive solutions needed to protect us in public venues. These venues include transportation, shopping, education, sports, work, and places of worship.


Our Committment

We are dedicated to public safety and security, 

providing  solutions that considers all stakeholders and 

are comprehensive in nature.  

That means we will cover all aspects of a threat environment by developing capabilities that implements  monitoring and surveillance, detection and confirmation, and  mitigation and containment in real-time. 


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TotalSource Solutions, Inc. (TSSI)

PO Box 716, Stafford, VA 22555, US

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